CF & D-MT Series

Protect your air circuits and your process
Compressed air is a universal energy for industry. However if the pollutants (oil and dirt) it contains are not eliminated, the production will be interrupted and major maintenance work may become necessary.  

With a powerful filtration system
To guarantee that the compressed air in your plant is unpolluted, DIT has developed a complete range of filters for air flows from 1 to 300 m3/min.

Easy to install
Compact DIT filters are connected directly to pipe work by the internal threaded housing or flanges. 

Effective filtration and small pressure drop
OPTIMA is a highly reliable, long life filtration system made from top quality components, the secret is the pleated filter screens. Pleating guarantees higher impurity absorption capacity and a lower differential pressure.  

Flexibility in use
OPTIMA filter systems comprise four cartridge grades,each easily identifiable by their finish: a different colour foam and a plastic-coated lable on the filter simplifies replacement during maintenance.  

Easy maintenance
Filter quality and cartridge life reduce maintenance costs. Moreover, maintenance operations are simplified by the differential pressure gauge. When the pointer is in the red, the filter cartridge needs changing.