IPT-Series :
Industrial waterchiller

PST-Series :
Commercial waterchiller

SLT-Series :
Commercial waterchiller

OLT,OLS-Series :
Industrial&Commercial waterchiller

The Evolution Of Perfection - IPT Series     

      The new IPT air cooed chillers,specifically designed for use in industrial applications, are compact units
equipped, as standard, with an internal storage tank and pump, offering a tried and tested solution that has received worldwide acclaim. “IPT” chillers guarantee energy efficiency levels at the top of the category.
The innovation evaporator-in-tank configuration ensures reduced ambient heat gain and a steady
temperature of the process fluids. The use of components sourced from premium manufacturers and
extensive factory testing of all units make for highest reliability levels, minimizing the risks of unplanned stoppages and increasing productivity levels. An extensive range of accessories, coupled with operating limits among the most generous available on the market, allow “IPT” to be personalized to a variety of industrial applications.  

Benefits of SLT, PST, OLT, OLS Series 

- Maximum exploitation of free cooling and maximum energy efficiency of the system with respect
  to conventional solutions, thanks to the independence of the coils in terms of air handling;
- Accurate control of water outlet temperature
- Generous sizing of coils for free-cooling;
- Operates at high ambient temperatures thanks to the compressor unloading
- Quiet operation;
- User friendly control section with simple readout
- Simple to install and maintain, easily accessible components;
- Environmental friendly, with zero ODP refrigerant R407C/ R-134a
- High EER values, especially at partial loads